A baby’s face – what’s going on with the face’s of new born babies – humour poetry

We had a recent addition to the family and as I looked into her gorgeous tiny face it seemed to change constantly before my eyes.

A baby’s face is full of grace

But sometimes looks like they are sucking mace


A baby’s face is red, blue and pink

And yellow and purple when making a stink


A baby’s eyes are distant and far

And can’t tell the difference between Grandma and Grandma


A bay’s face is soft and hairy

Not so funny when they’ve called you Mary


A baby’s face can make you smitten

With tiny squeaks that sound like a kitten


A baby’s face looks different every time

Which comes in handy when stuck for a rhyme


A baby’s face is furrowed with frown

Circled with a wispy crown


A baby’s face has a perfect nose

They run in the family, everyone knows


A baby’s face might have a rash

By the time its Googled its gone in a flash


A baby’s face can be studied long

Wondering if it will turn out strong


A baby’s face brings joy and pleasure

Because she is our little treasure.


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