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Johnny Parker – Prize Winning Author

Howdy, thanks for stopping by.  So what’s the deal about Johnny Parker? Well if you are looking for a bit of variety and humour in a blog then you’ve come to the right place.

Everybody likes a laugh and the bulk of my articles, short stories, poetry and flash fiction will have some sort of funny stuff in there.

As you will see from a quick glance at my posts there isn’t a dominant theme to my writing. I have a lot of varied interests from kids stuff to a bit of work related articles and pieces about outdoors pursuits. Check out the categories and tags to find something you like.

A few of my pieces have won prizes in writing competitions and if you click the Prize Winners tag you’ll see them listed.

If you have dropped by looking for my kid’s picture books, The Lazy Seagull and Zillid the Lizzid you can find them on Amazon.co.uk and on Amazon.com depending on which side of the Atlantic you are reading this.

Yes okay but what about Johnny the person?

Johnny Parker - Birkenhead Writer

I’m afraid there isn’t much juicy scandal, nothing out of the ordinary, but then the unexceptional can be pretty interesting: Big Brother and Gogglebox being two prime examples.

First off I have a gorgeous wife, Andrea. She lets me do amazing stuff, like quit my job to ‘find myself’ and to go off round the world for months on end. That’s pretty exceptional! She’s also a brilliant sounding board. I can toss a concept at her and she turns into an idea Gatling Gun, firing stuff at me quicker than I can write it down.

Between us we have six kids and a growing army of grand kids plus a small menagerie of food stealing cats, house wrecking dogs and a couple of Goldfish who float around all day saying ‘Bob’.

The little ones (not the fish) are amazing inspiration machines. Their preschool way of looking at stuff from crazy angles is a writer’s dream. I need to be more toddler!

I’m desperately trying to give up the day job and live the passive income dream. I’ve had several goes and each time I get a little closer. Fingers crossed I’m going to get that hammock in the sun one day.

Typing is a Walter Softie job, so I like to get my hands dirty in the allotment digging out healthy crops of weeds.

For entertainment (note irony) I watch Tranmere Rovers. They are a bit like me, always dreaming of the big time but never quite making it. Who know’s this might be a promotion year for both of us.


So what can you look forward to?

Currently working on a World War 2 diary that my Uncle Ronnie kept on HMS Hawkins (which he wasn’t allowed to) – out soon as an ebook.

Also working on my first novel – Freak House – a victorian gothic adventure, the first draft of which was completed for the 2014 NaNoWriMo and if I get my finger out should be ready before the next NaNo.

There will be more adventures of Zillid the Lizzid to come.

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Thanks for visiting, happy reading and if you want to drop me a line about story ideas, advice on how to become a millionaire or even fellow sob stories of following football minnow’s then please do.