An Englishman’s Home – the downside of urban regeneration in Liverpool and Birkenhead

An Englishman’s home is a short documentary I made in collaboration with Tim Brunsden looking at how Urban Regeneration affects the lives of the people it is supposed to help.

Urban regeneration has been a means for local councils to split up communities in the name of improvement. But in reality more people seem to suffer from this short sighted policy than benefit.

The documentary takes a look at how Charlie Wright was isolated in the house he was born in when the council demolished all the other houses in his estate. Many years later his house stands alone in a wasteland that was never ‘regenerated’.

Brenda and Ted Gallagher have lived for years in the Welsh Streets in Litherland, Liverpool. They, like Charlie own their own home and don’t want to be separated from their neighbour in their old age, but now they are the sole remaining residents in a ghost street of houses bizarrely ‘boarded up’ with perspex to give the impression that they are still lived in.

In the Smithdown Road area of Liverpool, Richard Oswick is fortunate enough to have one last look at his childhood home before the bulldozers flatten it. He can’t understand why the council destroy solid houses and replace them with shoddy properties that in turn have to be demolished before barely a generation have occupied them.

This short film ‘won’ Liverpool Film night when shown at the FACT in 2010 as judged by a panel of local film making Illuminati including Sol Papadopoulos of Hurricane Films (Of Time and the City).

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