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Sacked in the Morning - Harry Harris Bull in a Betting Shop Book 2

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It's Harry's second day at BarryBet and he's on course to get himself and Big Marge sacked.

The shift starts badly when Nobby the Jobby wins the One-Arm-Bandit jackpot with Drug Dealer’s money, but gets worse when Harry loses the winning ticket.

With the takings down by a month’s wages, has Harry cocked-up his new cashier career and will he take Big Marge down with him?

As the tension mounts, can Harry save Nobby from a Drug Dealer’s machete, find the jackpot ticket and convince the Area Manager he’s a Secret Millionaire?

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Customer Reviews

Fernando Rodrigues R.

1 week ago

An fantastic experience

A great story about simple and real people. Funny and touchy at the same time. 🙏😊👍