How to get kids picture books on your phone or tablet

Imagine you’re in a coffee shop with your toddler, desperate for a latté. That’s you, not the child.  You’ve found a table, cleared the last person’s mess, sunk into the leather seat, the great coffee smell is in the air, you’re about to enjoy that first sip…

But then you realize your little angels aren’t going to play with the wooden stirrer for long.  In fact they are already fighting over it and are about to cause a scene.

Oops, they’ve thrown the stirrer at the lovely old lady at the next table. She smiles but you feel like she is judging you.

What do you do? You can’t scream at them (you’re not at home!).

This is the perfect time to share a quality moment together. The kids love to read picture books. But you forgot to bring one. What are you going to do? Call Ghostbusters??

Wait, is that a bugle sounding over the ridge, no it’s the Amazon cavalry galloping to the rescue.

The Kindle App can download kids kids picture books on your phone or tablet before your coffee goes cold.

But Amazon is like a jungle.  There is so much information.  Where do you look, what do you type in and how do you know if it’s any good?

Okay I’ll get to that in a moment.

You might be asking why. Why Amazon, why ebooks, why in a coffee shop???

Why kids love ebooks and why as a parent or grandparent you need to have the ebook card up your sleeve.

For a start, kids don’t come with any preconceptions about books. They like what they like, end of story.

Kids like ‘proper’ old fashioned hard copy paper books that they can pick up, throw, rip the pages out of and spill juice over.

Kids, even as young as 2 year olds, adore phones and tablets. What’s more, they know how to use them and what to expect from them. The devices are so intuitive the kids naturally pick up how to work them faster than an adult. Their little fingers swipe the screen to scoot between pages, it’s so easy for them. This is one reason kids love ebooks, the other reason is great content.

I have three grandkids under 3 and they all love to get their hands on my phone (if I’m stupid enough to leave it in reach).

What I’m saying is, little kids will go for whatever you put in front of them and there will be times when you don’t have a print book to hand and that’s when ebooks are magic.

Personally I love traditional hard copy books but I also know I have to move with the times. Kids ebooks have a big future now that Amazon have rolled out the Kids Book Creator software.

This has been proved to me by my own grandkids who ask to see my own books on my phone. The convenience is incredible. For instance, the other day my little grandson was playing in the front garden when he came over and hopped on my knee.

“Storwy Gwandad,” he asked, and I was able to get my phone out and have him reading Zillid the Lizzid on the Kindle App in seconds. I couldn’t have done that with a print book.

That was in the garden but the same applies wherever you are. You no longer have to carry a book with you everywhere… and be fed up having to read the same story over and over. You can have hundreds of books to share those precious moments wherever and whenever, at the touch of a button. This is why you need picture books for kids on your phone or tablet.

How do you actually get kids picture books on your phone or tablet?

The first thing you need is the Kindle App. This works on pretty much any smartphone or tablet. You can download it free from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on your device. See this article on getting the Kindle App.

Then go to Amazon and browse for picture books in the Kindle Store.

You can do this 2 ways:-

Google it – Kindle Kids Picture Books – this will take you to the Amazon Kindle Picture Book page.

Amazon Kindle Kids Picture Books Page

Amazon Kindle Kids Picture Books Page

The second way is to open the Kindle App and on the home/library page, tap the shopping cart icon in the top right hand corner (see picture below).

Type Kids Picture Books into the search field and a list of picture books will appear that you can browse until you find what you want. 

You get to look inside the books so you can get a feel for them and read customer reviews to guide your choice.

If you add FREE into you search phrase you’ll get all the books currently free, and there are lots of good ones.

Kids picture books Kindle App Cart

Click the cart button to search for kids picture books

If you know what book you are looking for you can type the name straight into the search field either in Google or the Amazon home page or in the Kindle App.

Here is a couple to get you started –

The Lazy Seagull or Zillid the Lizzid

They are by some guy called Johnny Parker. Personally I’ve never heard of him but apparently his books are really good!

When you get to the Buy Now screen just hit the button and the book will magically appear in your Kindle Library.

It’s that easy. Now you’ve got a picture book on your phone. The kids are happy, you are happy and your coffee is still hot.

Of course, if you have never bought anything from Amazon, then you’ll have to set up an account and register a credit or debit card. But that’s pretty straight forward and is outside the scope of this article.

What to do now?

Go ahead and get the Kindle App on your phone or tablet.

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet then I guess you are still in the stone age and will have the caveman muscles required to lump a library of picture books wherever you go. But that’s okay, technology isn’t for everyone.

Beware! Picture books don’t work on the basic Kindles. If you have a Kindle that is the black and white, e-ink kind then I’m afraid picture books don’t work on those devices. This is because under the covers, picture books are a collection of images, whereas conventional ebooks are text based, just like this article, and in basic Kindles the two don’t mix very well, so Amazon will only allow picture books on devices that are good at handling images. Like Android and Apple phones, iPads, Android tablets and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

Beware beware! When I’m reading a story to my preschool grandkids on my Android phone or iPad, it’s me who holds the device. Juice, ice cream, snotty fingers or concrete floors don’t mix with technology. Yeah there had to be a downside.

But all is not lost. Amazon in their entrepreneurial wisdom have come up with a bullet proof Kindle Fire just for kids.

It comes with a solid case but if they do manage to break it Amazon will replace it with no quibbles.

As a parent who worries about what their kid can see there is full parental control built in, they seem to have covered all the angles.

You can get the Kindle Fire for kids from if you are in the USA (this is an affiliate link, which means I can afford a large mocha if you buy one!)

You can also get the Kindle Fire for kids if you use the site.

Have your kids read a picture book on a phone or tablet?

Let me know in the comments if your child enjoys picture books on a tablet or phone. What’s their favourite book?

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