How to read ebooks on your phone or tablet using the Amazon Kindle App

I sent out a link to my latest kids picture book the other day to friends and family. Three people bought it - including me!

Is it me? Does the book suck? Do we both suck!?

Then it struck me​, they don't hate me (do they?). They just don't know how to read a Kindle ebook on their phone or tablet.

Not everyone had a Kindle eReader that's true, but not everyone knows that you don't need a Kindle device to read Kindle ebooks.


Amazon, in their wisdom, realised that sales of ebooks would be limited if people could only read them on a Kindle device. That's why they produced the Kindle App.​

With the Kindle App you can read your Kindle books not just on a Kindle eReader but on smart phones and tablets​. That includes Apple iPhones and iPads, all Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone and even Blackberry 10.

You can even install the Kindle App on your PC or Mac!​

How to get the Kindle App for your phone or tablet

The Kindle App is easy to install in minutes and is FREE! You don’t need to buy a dedicated ebook reader/ Kindle.​

There are two main ways to get the Kindle App -

  1. Download directly from (North America) or (UK) 
  2. For Android phones and tablets, use Google Play or for Apple phones and tablets use the App Store - simply search for Kindle and the app will be the first in the list.

The Kindle App icon looks like this...

Kindle App Icon

Getting the Kindle App - video demo's for Android and iOS

This short video shows you how to get the Kindle App for Android phones and tablets.

This short video shows you how to get the Kindle App for Apple iOS iPhones and iPads.

Logging in to the Kindle App

When you open the Kindle App for the first time you will more than likely have to sign in to your Amazon account.

You might also have to register a payment method, credit card or PayPal if you haven't already done this on your Amazon account. Even though there are millions of free books in the Kindle Book store you still have to register a payment method​, just like Google Play or iTunes.

If its the first time you have entered the world of Kindle you will find that Amazon give you a couple of free books to get you started. But you will want to start your own library and you can connect to the Kindle Store via the app and begin to browse for books.

If you already have a Kindle or use the Kindle App on another device then your library will sync to the new device so you can see all your books. It will even sync to the last read page if you stopped reading on another device.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the free Kindle App today and give your reading experience a new lease of life.​

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