Vision – a poem about what might be

We all need a vision of something to aspire to, simple or complicated, big or small. What’s your vision?


I’ve been toying with a vision

It isn’t very big,

A simple life with nature

Like a blade of grass or twig.


A Hippie cottage by the sea

With flowers and shells and cabbage,

Uncomplicated but sophisticated,

Relieved from rat race bondage.


Or what about a longboat

Not the Viking kind at sea,

The cosy, wood burning, stuck in a lock sort;

Perhaps a canal too far for me.


Do I need to have a limit?

Are my aims a little small?

Would a Ferrari and infinity pool

Be an order slightly too tall?

You have to cling to something While adrift on life's life raft Click To Tweet

You have to cling to something

While adrift on life’s life raft,

Or today’s work’s all for nothing.

I’ve got a vision. Don’t be daft.


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