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Don't be a Hero - Harry Harris Bull in a Betting Shop Book 1

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If Harry Harris had been a second-hand car, Big Marge would have kicked his tyres. Harry has ditched a well paid career to follow his dream of being a writer before it’s too late. Girlfriend Peggy patiently supports him, but Harry is wilting under the weight of rejection letters and the guilt of not helping with the bills.

On an impetuous whim, he applies for a job as a bookies cashier. However, a Birkenhead betting shop is no place for the fainthearted. Harry is a cosy office, Walter Softie. Naïve and gullible, he doesn’t fit in. Big Marge the battle hardened manager knows it, the wily punters know it and Peggy is worried about it. However, the obnoxious, greasy-pole climbing Area Manager, thinks Harry’s MBA will transform profits and bring him the promotion he craves.

Harry thought he was under pressure before, but now he’s wedged himself between a rock and several hard places with only his pride preventing a fall. As if he hadn’t enough problems, Peggy’s well of patience has run dry. Unable to keep up with the bills on her own, she’s installed a lodger. Ex-Tank Regiment Dave, promptly occupies Harry’s groove on the sofa and has a commanding grip on the TV remote.

In this dark comedy, short read, page turner, Little Britain meets Cheers in a Birkenhead betting shop. The odds are against Harry from the off. Can he survive his first shift and will the cheats prosper?

What Amazon Reviewers say about Don’t be a Hero...

Hilarious, I couldn't put it down - “You will feel like a fly on the wall watching this real-life soap unfold.” ***** Arterial

“I found it a very easy and enjoyable read. Having never been in a betting shop I found the characters extremely entertaining, leaving me wanting to know what happened to them next.” ***** Mavis Howarth-Jones

“It’s not the genre I usually read, but I loved Don’t be a Hero from the start and couldn't put it down!When Harry takes a bookies job at the betting shop, he discovers an entirely different unfamiliar world. That world—totally hilarious— resembles the mix of characters from Star Wars Cantina and Cheers.The author writes a woven narrative about serious issues in a humorous manner that provokes laughter on every page. Johnny Parker proves that we can discuss complicated problems better with smile and wit.” ***** N.G. Amazon US.

If you love dark humour and engaging characters, then get this book now…
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